John Howarter

Assistant Professor of Materials Engineering and Environmental and Ecological Engineering

(765) 496-3103


  • Ph.D., Materials Engineering, Purdue University, 2008
  • B.S., Materials Science & Engineering, Ohio State University, 2003

Research Summary

Dr. Howarter's research group is focused on surface and interfacial phenomena of soft materials. They are currently investigating new synthesis and processing methods to improve performance of desalination membranes. Other projects include design of functional polymer-clay nanocomposites, measurement and characterization of polymer degradation mechanisms in aqueous environments, and development of polymer coatings with selective ion transport properties.

Selected Publications

  • W. L. Elban, J. A. Howarter, M. C. Richardson, P. E. Stutzman, A. M. Forster, A. J. Nolte, G. A. Holmes; Influence of solvent washing on interlayer structure of alkylammonium montmorillonites. Applied Clay Science 2012, 61 (2012) 29??36.
  • J. A. Howarter, C. M. Stafford; Instabilities as a measurement tool for soft materials. Soft Matter 2010, 6 (22), 5661 ?? 5666.
  • J. A. Howarter, J. P. Youngblood; Amphiphile grafted membranes for the separation of oil-in-water dispersions. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 2009, 329 (1), 127-132.