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How to add a root Certificate in Windows XP

1. Start by clicking the following link to get a copy of ECN's ASCII-based root certificate: Download the certificate file

2. Then go to the control panel and click on Internet Options

Internet Options icon.


3. Click on the Content tab click on Certificates


Internet Properties window.




4. Select Trusted Root Certificate Authorities to see a list of trusted certificates

5. Click import to install the ECN Certificate



Certificates window.




6. The Certificate Import wizard appears à click next to get started

Certificate Import Wizard window.



7. Click Browse to locate the ECN Certificate



Certificate Import Wizard - File to Import window.


8. Make sure the Place all certificates in the following store button is selected and click next


Certificate Import Window - Certificate Store window.




9. Click Finish to exit the wizard


Certificate Import Window - Click Finish window.




10. If the certificate installed successfully, the following message box should appear - "The import was successful."

Certificate Import Window - The Import Was Successful message box.

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