Request an ECN Account

Obtaining an ECN account is a two-step process, and starts with obtaining a Purdue Career Account. Typically, if you can find yourself in the Purdue Directory, you have a Career Account.

  1. For people who are not yet in the Purdue system: your Supervisor (or Business Office) needs to submit a Request for Privileges (R4P) form. R4Ps are usually processed within one to three business days. Career accounts for students are generated automatically as part of the enrollment process. See detials below

    1. The host/supervisor faculty member (or staff) would collect the following information for the collaborator or incoming employee:
      Full name
      Date of Birth
      Duration for which the account is needed (approximate is fine, this can be extended later)
    2. The host would then provide this information to their Business Office rep, and ask them to fill out a Request For Privileges. The options are: NE/NonEmployee (No SSN needed) or Future Employee (Business Office might need the SSN because of future payment)
    3. The host/supervisor would also ask the Business Office rep to provide them with the login of the person, once the request is approved.
    4. The host/supervisor would then send a note to the appropriate ECN queue via the ContactUs page, provide just the login, and ask us to reset the password and give it to you to pass onto your collaborator. We would get it to you via a phone call, or via filelocker, and you would get it to them similarly – not via email. They would then need to finish setup of email, forward it to their current institution if preferred.
    Note that there is no notification when the career account is ready—so once the account appears in the directory, the supervisor will need to fill out and submit the ECN Request for New Account form (login required).

  2. People who are already in the Purdue system can get an ECN account by asking their supervisor or a Business Office representative to fill out and submit the ECN Request for New Account form.

Questions about this process can be directed to your Business Office or to your department's IT staff.