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Web Hosting Options - Zope and Apache

ECN provides web hosting on the Zope and Apache as well as the IIS platforms. Details of the Zope and Apache options are listed below. For additional web hosting options visit ITaP's Web Hosting Service Information.

  Zope Hosting Apache Hosting
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Description Zope is an open-source application server used by the Units within the College of Engineering for official departmental web pages.

Purdue and Engineering templates are available. Content is created using Zope’s through-the-web tools.

ECN staff is available to assist in creating custom Zope templates.
Apache is an open-source HTTP server for UNIX/Linux.

ECN's Apache web service provides a simple place to put web files where they will be accessible to others.
Target Users Official unit web sites (Schools, Departments, Programs, etc.) Sites maintained by departmental web staff familiar with Zope. Individual and Lab web sites. Groups wishing to use an existing web authoring tool. Groups wishing to host an existing web application.
Administrative Access Control Easily delegate content management for a specific section of a web site One account or group manages the entire site
Visitor Access Control Restrict to Purdue Account
Restrict via Purdue I2A2
Restrict to a shared password
Restrict to Purdue Account
Restrict via Purdue I2A2
Restrict to a shared password
Scripting Languages Python, Zope Page Templates PHP, Perl, Python, CGI
URL (groups) (individuals)
ECN does not host outside domains (groups) (individuals)
ECN does not host outside domains
Storage Unlimited (not well suited for large media files) 100MB (default)
Backups Daily Backups
Immediate access to some history of changes
Daily Backups
SSL/HTTPS Required Required
UNIX Access Through-the-web /web/users/yourlogin (for individuals)
/web/entities/yourlogin (for groups)
SCP (through departmental file servers)
Windows Access Through-the-web \\\login
Availability Engineering Faculty, Staff, and Students Engineering Faculty, Staff
Students seeking Apache web hosting should use ITaP's Apache Web Service
Authoring Tool Compatibility Zope provides through-the-web editing and creation of content. It is not generally intended to be used with authoring tools. Most authoring tools (e.g. Adobe Dreamweaver, Apple iWeb)
Cost No cost to Engineering users No cost to Engineering users


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