Network PIC information

You may have been asked to provide PIC information so that ECN can enable or change the settings on a network connection.

Purdue PICs are fairly standard and below you can see some examples.  

Above image is from older wall plates and shows Network PICs of 249-C and 249-D.  The PICs that end in numbers like 249-3 and 249-4 are NOT data PICs and you should not attempt to use them unless directed by ECN.

The network PICs above are from a newer installation.  Generally the PICs are labeled right to left so 169-A is the one on the left and 169-B is on the right.

If a room has more than 26 connections then the names will add a second letter such as 169-AA, 169-AB, etc. If the room has a letter in the name that will generally be shown in the name as well such as 169A-A.

Additional examples of PICs below:

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