What is MATLAB

It is an extremely powerful numerical computation tool with almost unlimited potential for applications to engineering analysis and design.

It treats vectors and matrices as objects and you can manipulate them much like ordinary algebra except that the operations are those corresponding to matrix algebra. If there is only a one dimensional element in the operation then it is just ordinary algebra.

All quantities can be either real or complex.

Many capabilities for specialized applications such as signal processing are contained "toolboxes" that work with MATLAB.


Data can be entered as a scalar, a vector or a matrix.

Arithmetic, algebraic and matrix operations are carried out with simple commands.

Term by term or "array" processing can be easily carried out to produce a locus trajectory of results.

Many aids to data entry are provided.

An extensive variety of functions is available from the built-in library.

A simple and virtually automatic plotting capability allows graphical presentation of results at any point in a computation.

The best way to appreciate MATLAB is to use it.



  1. Login into a UNIX workstation and start your favorite x based windowing system.
  2. Type setenv LPDEST ei200 where ei200 is the name of the printer. Do not include the -P flag used on a command line to designate a printer name.
  3. Type matlab.


help - directory of commandshelp