Purdue University now has an alert system that can be installed on university-owned desktop computers.

In the event of an emergency, the University can send alerts that will display on your computer.

More information about Alertus can be found at the ITAP link below.


All ECN-supported Windows desktop systems should have the Alertus Desktop Client installed.

To confirm if Alertus is installed, you should see a Yellow icon similar to the one shown below.


If you have tray icons hidden like the following, clicking on the small arrow at the left should pop the

tray icons out so that Alertus is visible.


If the Alertus icon is not displayed and you do not find "Alertus Desktop" listed in your start menu, please

contact us at to have the client installed on your system.


Test alerts are sent once or twice during the year.  Below is what a test alert may look



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