Adobe Dashboard

Instructions outlining how to access Adobe products:

Faculty and Staff:  You have been added to the Faculty/Staff Dashboard to use CC by availing of the ETLA Named User License. Then, you can install CC on any PC you administer, whether or not it is Purdue owned. If ECN administers the machine, ECN installs the package.

Students are already in the Student Dashboard, and may use CC ONLY ON PURDUE-OWNED ECN DOMAIN DESKTOP MACHINES using the Shared Device License ("Lab Package").

Off Domain Options for PDF Viewing:

Program Price Platform(s)
Adobe Reader DC Free with Limited Functionality Windows, Mac, Linux
Okular Free Windows, Mac, Linux
Sumatra PDF Free Windows
Small PDF 14 Day Trial, $12/mo after Windows
PDF X-Change $79 Windows, Mac

Some additional options including:

  • Using your web browser's PDF viewing by right clicking on a PDF and selecting Open With... and selecting your browser
  • Uploading your PDF to Google Drive and opening it from within Google Drive


Temporary Staff usage of Adobe Creative Cloud Suite: Temporary Staff are not directly covered by the Purdue Adobe License.

Temporary Staff needing access to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite must create their own personal Adobe Account to use the software & they can only use the Shared Device License ("Lab Package"). This license can be installed on the Purdue Owned, "ON-DOMAIN" computer they use for their daily work.

TL;DR for ECN Staff:
For Faculty/Staff: Use the Custom Package, or, the package that has the five major titles  pre-chosen (PS, Illustrator, InDesign, DreamWeaver, CameraRaw)
For On-Domain student machines , use the Shared Device License ("Lab Package")
Student Off Domain machines are NO LONGER ALLOWED to use Adobe Products
For licensing details, see (restricted to ECN staff)
To use the Adobe products, start the product, and sign in using the Enterprise Sign In option. This will take you to a Boilerkey sign in page.
Faculty and Staff: to install software on your self administered machine, or to use the Custom package to access the Purdue Adobe Dashboard, use the following instructions:
Follow this link…
It should take you to this page:
Click “Sign In”, in the upper right hand corner.
Enter your email address, for the requested email address. 
Hit return, do not enter a password.  
You should be automatically redirected to the following web page.
At this point, choose Enterprise ID (click on), not Adobe ID.  
You will be redirected to a Purdue Sign-in page, which looks like the following.
(^^Graphic^^ needs updated)

Use your Purdue Login in combination with your two factor authentication(in the password field), then hit Login
and go through the two factor authentication process as well).
You should be on the Adobe Site, and able to access the Adobe Software.
This last part may repeat itself one time.


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