ACMAINT: Departments

Below is a list of department codes used in the user record. The way to see the most up to date list of department codes is through the fetch commands:

#  Show list of departments
proc show_dept { } {
        global ACMAINT_OK

        #  Find account information
        set DEPTS [fetch Dept {deptCode deptName} {deptCode Like '%'}]
        if {[lindex $DEPTS 0] != $ACMAINT_OK} {
                error "Cannot get department information"
        set DEPTS [lsort [lindex [lindex $DEPTS 1] 1]]

        #  Create command file
        foreach DEPT $DEPTS {
                set DEPTCODE [lindex $DEPT 0]
                set DEPTNAME [lindex $DEPT 1 ]
                puts "$DEPTCODE $DEPTNAME"

When specifying a dept in "ah", note that they are all capitalized.

Department codes and descriptions
Code Description
4H 4-H Clubs
AAE Aeronautics & Astronautics
AASRC Afro-Am. Studies Ctr
ABE Agricultural & Biological Engr
ACS Agricultural Com Ser
ADIS Alum & Dev Info Serv
ADM Admissions
ADPC Admin Data Proc Cent
AFACT Affirmative Action O
AFROTC Aerospace Studies
AGAD School Of Ag-Admin
AGEC Ag Economics
AGRY Agronomy
AGSTAT Ag Statistics
AMERS American Studies
ANFM Animal Sc Res Farms
ANSC Animal Sciences
ASERV Academic Serv Admin
AT Aviation Technology
ATHAD Intercolleg Ath - Ad
AUS Audio & Speech Sci
BAND University Bands
BBC Bindley Bioscience Center
BCC Black Cultural Cntr
BCCT Building Const & Con
BCHM Biochemistry
BCHMC Biochemistry Control
BCM BLDG Construction Management Technology
BDMCE Burton D Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship
BIOS Biological Sciences
BLSV Building Services
BME Biomedical Engineering
BNC Birck Nanotechnology Center
BOAG Business Office Agriculture
BOT Board Of Trustees
BRK Birck Nanotechnology Center
BTNY Botany & Plant Path
C4E Center for the Environment
CA Creative Arts
CAM Center for Advanced Manufacturing
CANCTR Cancer Research Center
CARY Cary Quadrangle
CDFS Child Development & Family Studies
CE Civil Engineering
CEA No & Sw Extension-Cea
CEAD Cont Educ Dir Offc
CEDS Center for Predictive Materials Modeling and Simulation
CFS Sch Of Cons & Fam Si
CGFS Center for Global Food Security

Center for Global Research and Intervention in Infectious Diseases

CGT Computer Graphics Technology
CHE Chemical Engineering
CHM Chemistry
CI Curriculum/Instruc
CIE Center for Instructional Excellence
CIS Ctr For Instruct Srv
CISE Center for Impact Science and Engineering
CLUB Student Personal Acc
CMPLIT Comparative Literatu
CMS Central Mach Shop
CO Conferences
CNIT Computer and Information Technology
COM Communication
CONF Bus Office Academic
COTADM College of Technology - Administration
CPCAL Chemistry & Physics
CPT Computer Technology
CRI Computer Research Institute
CS Computer Science
CSO Card Services Office
CSR Consumer Sci & Retail
CTS Comp. Tel.&User Serv
DLC Discovery Learning Center (now DLRC)
DLRC Discovery Learning Research Center
DOS Dean Of Students
DP Discovery Park
EAS Earth/Atmospheric Sc
EBO Engineering Business Office
ECE Electrical & Computer Engr
ECET Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology
ECN Engineering Computer Network
ED Education

Educational Studies

EEC E-Enterprise Center
EET Electrical Engineering Technology
ENAD Sch Engr Adm Eng Exp
ENE Engineering Education
ENGL English
ENGR Freshman Engineering
ENTM Entomology
EPCS Engr Projects in Community Serv
EPE Engineering Professional Education
ERC Ctr-Intellgt Mfg Sys
ERHT Earhart Res Hall
EXT External
F&N Foods And Nutrition
FINAID Financial Aid
FISCAL Fiscal Planning
FLL Foreign Lang & Lit
FN Foods & Nutrition
FOOD Food Stores
FORS Forest Nat Resource
FPC Facilities Planning
FSCI Dept Of Food Science
FWLR Fowler Cts & House
GPRI Global Policy Research Institute
GSA Grad School Admin
GSI Global Sustainability Initiative
HAR Harrison Res Hall
HAWK Hawkins Grad House
HBO Bus Ofc H&Fs
HFSBO Housing And Food Ser
HFSP HFS Personnel
HILL Hillenbrand Hall
HIST History
HKLS Pe,Health & Rec Stud
HLMC Hall/Music Operating
HORT Horticulture
HP Heating & Power
HSCI Health Sciences
HSSEAD Sch Of Hsse-Adm
HTAP Healthcare TAP
HUMR Human Relations
IA Internal Auditor
IDE Interdisciplinary Engineering
IDI Institute for Defense Innovation
IE Industrial Engineering
IIES Inst-Interdisp Eng
INSCP Info Sys & Comp Prog
INVEST Dir Of Investments
IP Internat Programs
IPIA Intnl Prg Ag
IPPH Indus&Phys Pharmacy
ISS Ofc Of Intnl Std Ser
IT Industrial Tech
ITAP Information Technology at Purdue
LACNSL Hsse Couns Stud Serv
LIB Libraries
LOEB Pmu Bus Ofc Hlmcloeb
LORRE Lab/Renewable Res En
MATAD Materials Mgmt Distr
MATH Mathematics
MCUT Mccutcheon Res Hall
MDCH Med Chem & Pharm
MDTH Meredith Res Hall
ME Mechanical Engineering
MEDILL Medical Illustration
MEP Minority Engineering Program
MET Mechanical Engineering Technology
MGMT School Of Management
MILT Military Science
MNTC Maintenance Dept
MSE Materials Engr
NS Naval Science
NSERL Nat'l Soil Erosion Research Lab
NUCL Nuclear Engineering
NURS Nursing
OCGBA Ofc Cont Gr & Bus Af
OLS Organizational Leadership and Supervision
OPP Professional Practice (Co-Op)
OSC Oncological Sciences Center
OWEN Owen Residence Hall
OVPR Office of the Vice-President for Research
PACUC Purdue Animal Care and Use Committee
PCCRC Purdue Climate Change Research Center
PCSI Purdue Center for Systems Integrity
PCTX Pharmacology & Toxicology
PERS Personnel Services
PF Physical Facilities
PHAR Sch Of Pharm-Adm
PHIL Philosophy
PHPR Dept Of Pharm Prtc
PHSI Purdue Homeland Security Institute
PHYS Physics
PLSER Placement Service
PMMS Center for Predictive Materials Modeling and Simulation
PMO Musical Organization
PMU Purdue Mem Union
PMUBO Purdue Memorial Unio
POL Political Science
POTR Potter
PPAD Physical Plant Adm
PPPA Pub Pol & Admin Mgmt
PRES President
PRNT Printing Services
PROSTA Prostar
PROV Exec Vp Acad. Affair
PSTMET Pst Mech Engr Tech
PSYC Psychological Sci
PSYSC Psychological Serv
PTAP Pharmacy Technical Assistance Program
PUA Anderson Statewide Technology
PUC Columbus Statewide Technology
PUCC Computing Center
PUI Indianapolis Statewide Technology
PUK Kokomo Statewide Technology
PUM Muncie Statewide Technology
PUNA New Albany Statewide Technology
PUNC Chancellor
PUNCAS V Chancellor Acad Se
PUNCCC North Central Computer Center
PUNCPH Physics
PUNCSS Social Science
PUR Richmond Statewide Technology
PURCH Purchasing
PURES Res For Allocation
PUSB South Bent/Elkhart Statewide Technology
PUSH Pu Stu Hospital
PUV Versailles Statewide Technology
PWC Purdue Water Community

Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering

REGIS Registrar
REM Radiology & Env Mgmt
RESAL Res For Allocation
RHAD Vice Pres - H & Fs
RHI Restnt,Hotel-Inst Mg
RSPORT Recr Sports Intramur
SAT Pst Aviation Tech
SBBCL Susan Bulkeley Butler Center for Leadership Excellence
SBC Pst Bldg Const-Contr
SCIAD Sc Of Sci-Admin
SCIMT Pst Comp Integ Mfg T
SCT Pst Computer Tech
SEET Pst Ele Engr Tech
SEIGERT Solar Economy Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship
SHRV Shreve Res Hall
SIE Pst Industrial Educ
SLAS Sch Liberal Arts-Sci
SLHS Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences
SOC Sociology & Anthrop
SPACE Space Mgt & Acad Sched
SPBAI Staff Bnft Payr & Ins
SPCL Special Classes
SSPV Pst Supervision
STAD Pst Administration
STAT Statistics
STG Pst Tech Graphics
STUDNT Student Personal Acc
SUPV Supervision
SWTADM Statewide Technology Administration
TAP Technical Assistance Program
TARK Tarkington Res Hall
TECH Sch Of Tech-Adm
TEMPS Center for Thermal Engineering for Military Power Systems
TERY Terry Cts & House
TES Teacher Educ Service
TG Technical Graphics
THRE University Theatre
TLI Technology Leadership and Innovation
UDO Univ Development Off
UE Utilities Eng.
UNIP University Press
UNVC Unv Collections
UNVR University Relations

Visual Analytics for Command, Control, and Interoperability

VADL Vet Medicine Addl
VMA Vet Med Anatomy
VMAD Sch Vet Med-Admin
VPB Vet Pathobiology
VPDEV Vice Pres Development
VPPH Vet Phys & Pharmacology
VPRSCH V.P. For Research
VPSS Vice Pres-Stu Serv
VPTH Vet Med Vmi
VTH Small Animal Clinic
WIE Women In Engineering
WILY Wiley Residence Hall
WIND Windsor Res Halls
WOMST Women's Studies Ids
YONG Young Grad. House



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