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July 11, 2017

Purdue researchers part of winning hackathon team

Aaron Ault, Senior Research Engineer (ECE), and Sam Noel, graduate student in agricultural and biological engineering, were part of the Open Ag Technology and Systems (OATS) group. The challenge was to use data from five different companies in swine production to improve some aspect of how pork is raised or distributed.
July 6, 2017

Work by Professor Stanley Chan chosen for ACM Computing Reviews' 21st Annual Best of Computing Notable Books and Articles

His article is titled "Image Reconstruction and Threshold Design for Quanta Image Sensors". The ACM Computing Reviews is a monthly journal disseminating selected sets of papers in the computing literature. The 2016 Notable Books and Articles list consists of books and papers nominated from Computing Reviews reviewers, Computing Reviews category editors, editors in chief of journals, and others in the community. There were 231 items selected for the honor in 2016.
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