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Real-Time Video Communications: Mobile Experiences

Event Date: January 23, 2014
Speaker: Dr. Yuxin Zoe Liu
Software Engineer, Google Inc.
Sponsor: Communications, Networking, Signal and Image Processing
Time: 9:00am
Location: EE 118
Contact Name: Professor Edward Delp
Contact Phone: 49-41740
Contact Email:

This talk will cover mainly the state-of-the-art techniques behind current leading video call applications, specifically on mobile devices. Mobile real-time video communications is challenging, as a result of following two factors: A great disparity inherent to various mobile devices, in terms of their hardware architectures, operation systems, and wireless communication capabilities; and meanwhile, various and changing wireless network conditions that exist in the real world.
This talk will cover the essential concept as well as detailed algorithm design in this field, mainly focused on video error resilience and video network capacity adaptation. This talk will reveal a few algorithm details, targeted on leveraging the most recent video coding standardization effort (H.264/HEVC vs. VP8/VP9) to achieve the best user experiences. This talk will touch subtopics, including real-time rate control, dynamic sync frame, dynamic video resolution, adaptive frame dropping, and lastly the CPU complexity control that is unique to two-way video calls among a great variety of mobile devices.

Yuxin Zoe Liu graduated from Purdue with her Ph.D. focused on video compression and communications, under the supervision of Prof. Edward J. Delp.
During her approximately ten years of professional life in industry, Zoe simply cannot get away from video calls. She once worked with corporate research institutes, prototyping mobile video conferencing platforms at Bell Labs (Lucent) and Nokia Research Center. Zoe then enjoyed the great fortune to realize her dream - pushing mobile calls to the real product. Either as a principal contributor or as a Technical Lead, Zoe has devoted her effort to the design and development of: /FaceTime/ at Apple, the very first widely-adopted cutting-edge mobile video software application; /Tango/ Video Call with the startup of TangoMe, the leading mobile video call app across all platforms that has 160+ million users registered by now; and Google /Hangouts/, the integrated instant messaging and video call app across PC, iOS / Android mobile phones, and most recently, Google Glass.