Power and Energy Systems

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Primary area Indicates that this is a primary area for that faculty member. Note that a few faculty members have more than one primary area.

Dionysios Aliprantis (Area Chair) Primary area
Professor of ECE
WANG 2055
Aaron Brovont Primary area
Research Assistant Professor
WANG 2085
Vijay Gupta
Professor of ECE
MSEE 274
Alex Kildishev
Professor of ECE
BRK 1264
Steven D. Pekarek Primary area
Dr. Edmund O. Schweitzer, III Professor of ECE
WANG 2059
Junjie Qin Primary area
Assistant Professor of ECE
WANG 2051
Scott D. Sudhoff Primary area
Michael and Katherine Birck Professor of ECE, Associate Head of Undergraduate Programs
WANG 2057
Oleg Wasynczuk Primary area
Professor of ECE
WANG 2061