Prospective Faculty

Extraordinary faculty are at the heart of everything Purdue Engineering does, and new ECE faculty members experience tremendous support and opportunities to collaborate with academic and industry partners, increase the breadth of their research area, and build Preeminent Teams. We make a creative and supportive environment for students to develop into well-rounded independent researchers and future leaders, while and advancing the frontiers of knowledge.

Featured Faculty

Supriyo Datta is the Thomas Duncan Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  He is well known for his contributions to spin electronics and molecular electronics. His work has stimulated many innovations—his paper on semiconductor-based spintronics is widely cited as the first, giving birth to a concept listed by Nature as one of the 23 milestones in the history of spin.

Professor Datta was elected to the National Academy of Engineering for his contributions to quantum transport modeling in nanoscale electronic devices. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and has received many awards, including IEEE Technical Field Awards for research and for graduate teaching. He received the Procter Prize from Sigma Xi for his research contributions and his ability to communicate their significance.

At Purdue, Professor Datta serves on the Dean’s Awards Committee to the Dean of Engineering, was inducted into the Book of Great Teachers, and won a McCoy Award for “making the greatest contribution of the year to science.”