ECE 69500 - Datacenter and Cloud Networks

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Lecture Hours: 3 Credits: 3

Areas of Specialization:

  • Computer Engineering

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Normally Offered:

Each Spring


On-campus and online

Requisites by Topic:

Proficiency in a software programming language (e.g., Python) or a hardware programming language (e.g., Verilog). A prior undergraduate course in computer networking will be useful but not essential. The first few weeks of the course will cover all the necessary background needed for this class.

Catalog Description:

The modern datacenter and the cloud has emerged as the dominant computing platform that powers most of world's consumer online services, financial, military, and scientific application domains. The goal of this course is to introduce students to the design, implementation, and management of modern datacenter and cloud networks. Lectures will cover a wide-range of topics, including datacenter architecture and topology, datacenter routing and load balancing, datacenter transport, software-defined networking, programmable data plane, in-network computing, multi-tenancy in the cloud, RDMA, resource disaggregation, and optical switching inside datacenters.

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Lecture Outline:

Major Topics
1 Datacenter architecture and topology
2 Datacenter routing and load balancing
3 Datacenter transport
4 Software-defined networking
5 Programmable data plane
6 In-network computing
7 Multi-tenancy in the cloud
8 RDMA inside datacenters
9 Resource disaggregation inside datacenters
10 Optics inside datacenters

Assessment Method:

Project, midterm exam, final exam (2/2024)