ECE Internship Report Format Requirements

The title page of the report must contain all of the information shown on the sample cover page. The body of the report must have 1 inch margins, use 12pt Times New Roman (or similar) font, and be single spaced. It must contain the sections listed below and each section title should be in bold and left justified. Please note that only one report is needed if this was a 2 term work assignment.

Company Description

This section should cover the history of the company as well as the products and services that the company provides (200 - 300 words).

This section should also contain a description of your placement within the company for this work assignment (100 - 200 words).

Work Description

This should be a description of the work you performed during the work session. It should give the reader a good idea of your duties and achievements in the work session (200 - 300 words).

Use of Prior Coursework

Identify and describe how knowledge and skills obtained from the courses you have taken to date were useful to you in this work assignment (100 - 200 words).

New Knowledge and Skills Acquired

Briefly describe any new knowledge and/or skills obtained during the work-session (100 - 200 words).

Future Plans

Describe how this work experience has affected your future academic plans (i.e. your choice of electives, perception of the importance of required courses, post-graduate study, etc.) and/or your career plans (100 - 200 words).

Awards Honors

Please list any awards or honors you received during this work session.