Finding a TA or RA Position

Most ECE teaching assistant (TA) and research assistant (RA) positions are offered to highly qualified students at the time of admission. However, additional TA and RA positions in ECE do become available.

TA Positions

Tips for finding a TA position:

  • Each semester, complete the TA survey sent by email by the ECE Graduate Office. This survey is used to recruit candidates for ECE TA positions for the upcoming semester.  
  • Check the ECE Announcements webpage for TA position postings.  
  • Seek TA positions in other departments:

See this website for other student jobs at Purdue: Student Jobs at Purdue

Language proficiency requirements for TAs: Since the language of instruction is English, only those with good oral and written English communication skills are acceptable for ECE TA positions.

For international students: TA certified students will be given priority for ECE TA positions.

  • TA certified: To be TA certified, you must meet one of the following criteria:
  • Not TA certified: TOEFL score is below 27 or IELTS score is less than 8.
  • To become TA certified: You must meet one of the methods of oral English proficiency described on this webpage: Methods of Oral English Proficiency Certification.

RA Positions

Tips for finding a RA position:

  • Individual professors hire research assistants.
  • Search Faculty By Area of Interest to identify the faculty members who are active in your research field.  A brief description of their research will be in their profile, but many faculty have links to their personal website with more depth regarding their research.
  • Identify professors whose research interests match your background and interests. Be aware that some faculty will not have funding available to take on new students.
  • Once you have identified faculty who may be a good match, take some time to read recent publications to become familiar with their research.
  • Arrange a meeting to discuss research with the faculty member. The goal is to determine if you and the faculty member would be a good research match.
  • You may follow the same process with faculty from outside ECE.  There are some faculty in other schools who have courtesy appointments in ECE and can be the PhD supervisor for an ECE student.  Other faculty can co-advice with an ECE faculty member.
  • Check the ECE Announcements webpage for postings about RA positions.