4+1 BS/MS Degree Requirements

Purdue ECE undergraduates who qualify may earn an MS degree in two academic semesters (Fall and Spring) after their BS graduation. Students accepted into this track may double count up to 12 credit hours of graduate-level courses toward both BS and MS degree requirements. Eligible courses, taken when a student is an undergraduate and after the student has been admitted to the 4+1 program, include all 50000- and 60000-level ECE courses.

This track is designed for students to satisfy MS degree requirements in two semesters assuming the student follows a course-only path to the MS degree. The information below is provided based on the assumption of a course-only approach.

Approval to double count up to 12 credit hours, however, applies to all MS tracks. Purdue students choosing to pursue the thesis track or project track for the MS degree must understand that time to completion of MS requirements may take longer than one academic year (Fall and Spring semesters) because thesis research and project execution timelines may push graduation beyond two semesters.   

Degree requirements:

  • Total credit hours: 30, including at least 15 credit hours of graduate-level ECE credits
  • Required ECE core courses: 2 (6 credit hours)
    • One core course from the student’s primary area and a second that adds breadth of ECE knowledge.
  • Required math courses: 2 (6 credit hours)
  • Required graduate seminar: All 4+1 students must complete ECE 69400: Graduate Seminar.
    • This is a zero-credit-hour course that does not go on your plan of study.
    • We recommend that you take course this during your first or second semester.
  • Allowed graduate-level credit hours from outside ECE (ME, IE, CS, STATS, etc.): 9
  • Allowed ECE 69600 (Advanced EE Projects) or ECE 69700 (Directed Reading EE) credit hours: 3

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I qualify for the 4+1 BS/MS program?

Purdue ECE undergraduates with a 3.5 GPA after semester 4 (sophomore year) may apply for the 4+1 BS/MS program. Provisional acceptance is based on the student maintaining at least a 3.4 GPA in their undergraduate courses at the time of graduation and a grade of B or higher on the graduate level courses taken as an undergraduate. Grades below B on graduate-level courses may not be double counted.

What GPA do I need to earn the MSECE?

You must have a plan-of-study GPA of 3.0 to successfully complete the MSECE. Graduate-level transfer courses are not included in your GPA calculation.