Instructions for Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

All international graduate students (on an F-1 visa) in ECE who want to use Curricular Practical Training (CPT) to work as an intern outside Purdue in any given semester (including summer) should follow these steps:

  • Consult with ISS to start the online application process
  • Contact the ECE Graduate Office, MSEE 140 to discuss the process and receive the link for a CPT departmental survey
  • Find a faculty member (usually your major professor) who is willing to be your professor for the required ECE 693 course.  You must register for this course during the semester(s) you will be gone on CPT. Please note the following requirements for ECE 693:
    • The INS allows this CPT work experience to full-time students who are making progress towards a graduate degree. As such, full-time CPT experience during the summer session is the usual format for the internship. While CPT experience may also be earned during the academic year, please consult with ISS for details
    • As a requirement for ECE 693, you must prepare and submit a written report in which you describe the work you have done as part of your internship experience. ECE 693 is a genuine course and this report will earn you a grade for the course. Your grade is not solely based upon the work you do for your internship employer. You must discuss with your professor expectations for the format and content of your report. This is generally submitted after you return from the internship.
    • ECE 693 is a 1 credit hour per semester course and must be added to your Plan of Study. This is our means for documenting that this practical training experience is an integral part of your academic program. Your major professor’s approval is required to add the course to your Plan of Study. You may take ECE 693 more than once, but it must appear on your Plan of Study each semester you take a CPT.
      • ECE 693 is considered an extra course and will not be counted towards the limit for the number of independent study courses allowed on the Plan of Study.
      • ECE 693 does not counts the credit hours required for your degree
  • As part of the application process, you will need to write a statement describing the work you will do for your internship and how it relates to your academic program. Please describe how this experience will enhance your academic program. This statement will be completed on a survey link that the ECE Graduate Office will send
  • Complete a Form 23 (registration form) with the signature and CRN of the professor grading your ECE 693 report and bring it to the ECE Graduate Office 
  • After the ECE Graduate Office has received the completed survey, registration form, and electronic ISS CPT request with the Graduate Program Assistant as the Recommender/Academic Contact), the CPT request will be reviewed and submitted back to ISS for their final review
  • IMPORTANT: if you are an ECE fellow or graduate staff member in either a Research Assistant, Teaching Assistant, or Fellowship position you will need to complete a leave request with the Employment Service “Payroll” Center in WANG 4008, as soon as possible PRIOR to leaving for your internship. Contact them via email with any questions.

More information can be found on the College of Engineering Business Office website.