November 21, 2022

Concord Law Courses thru Purdue Global

A partnership has been established that allows WL domestic graduate students to take online courses or microcredentials with Concord Law School through Purdue Global at no or reduced cost. Because Purdue Global/Concord is not connected with SEVIS, international students in the U.S. on residential visas are not eligible to take any classes from them (not even the 1 online class up to 3 credits they are eligible with through Purdue West Lafayette). So, this offering is currently only available for domestic students. See the attached “Flyer” for details, and the other two attachments for course offerings.
Interested students should contact Christal Musser in the Office of Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs at to learn more about this opportunity and discuss their specific funding situation and courses of interest. This could be a wonderful opportunity for students wishing to add an understanding of various legal practices they could encounter in their engineering careers.
Janet Beagle, Ph.D.
Senior Director of Graduate Programs
Purdue University│College of Engineering
Phone: 765-494-0600
Count Online Law Electives Toward Your Degree
Learn how the law and regulations impact your area of study by taking a law elective course—or by adding a law microcredential
to your resume.
Concord Law School at Purdue University Global is proud to partner with Purdue West Lafayette to offer you the opportunity to take elective law courses online and potentially apply those credits to your graduate degree.
Why Concord Law School?
Founded in 1998 as the world’s first online law school, Concord continues to innovate and expand online access to high-quality legal education. Concord Law School is part of Purdue University Global, a public, nonprofit institution within the Purdue University system.
Courses are 100% online, interactive, and taught by faculty at the forefront of online legal instruction. Many courses focus on specialized legal knowledge and skills, with the support of individualized feedback and guidance from faculty.
Purdue West Lafayette students enrolled in a graduate-level degree program^ may be able to apply Concord Law School credits+ to their degree plan of study+ with a variety of savings, including:
  • Concord’s standard $295 per term resource fee is waived
  • No out-of-pocket cost for full-time students on banded tuition (full-time flat rate) or Purdue West Lafayette fee remit (most assistantships)
  • 10% off per credit hour cost ($464 per credit instead of $515) for cash-pay or part-time students
  • Purdue employees can also apply their Gift of Knowledge benefit (50% off, or $232 per credit)
Contact Christal Musser in the Office of Interdisciplinary Graduate Programs at to learn more about this opportunity.
Notes and Conditions
+ Consortium Agreement: Your department graduate coordinator and major professor must approve selected Concord Law School course(s), and you must sign a consortium agreement to have the selected course(s) applied to your degree program.
Employment and Career Advancement: Purdue Global does not guarantee employment placement or career advancement. Actual outcomes vary by geographic area, previous work experience and opportunities for employment.
Savings: Cost and savings are based on the standard Concord Law School at Purdue University Global non-degree seeking student cost.
^ International students on F, M, and J visas are not eligible for this program.