February 2, 2022

Quantum Program Workshop for Purdue Women Engineers & Scientists

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Quantum Program Workshop for Purdue Women Engineers & Scientists
We are planing a workshop on quantum programming in collaboration with Microsoft/IonQ/QCi (flyer attached) for women engineers and scientists (no background needed). 
Mahdi Hosseini, PhD 
Assistant Professor, Elmore Family School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
1205 West State Street, 
Birck Nanotechnology Center, BRK 2274, West Lafayette, IN 47907
o: 765-496-7423
Quantum Programming Workshop for Purdue Women Engineers and Scientists 
Date & time: Feb 25th 2022, 11:59 AM to 4:00 PM 
In-Person Location: Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering Room 2008 
(Virtual attendees can use Zoom) 
Learning from the history of the digital revolution in which women played a significant role in driving software development in the early days, the IQPARC project is paying particular attention to attracting women scientists and engineers from different disciplines at Purdue. 
IQPARC is holding a half-day hands-on hybrid workshop (lunch provided for in-person attendees at 11:30 am) for women engineers and scientists at Purdue. The workshop features webinars by Industry leaders, e.g., Microsoft, IonQ, and Quantum Computing Inc., and Purdue’s Professors and students on the following topics: 
  • Introduction to IQPARC (10min)
    • Prof. Mahdi Hosseini (Purdue ECE)
  • Introduction to IonQ quantum processors (50min)
    • Sarah Kreikemeier, Senior Mechanical Engineer, IonQ Inc. (NYSE: IONQ)
  • Cloud quantum programming, Microsoft Azure Quantum (120min)
    • Mariia Mykhailova, Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft Quantum
  • Solving optimization problems with quantum computers, Quantum Computing Inc. (50min)
    • QCi Presenter: TBA
  • Cloud quantum programming using IBM Qiskit language (50min)
    • Purdue student presenter: Ganga Jayarathna, recorded video will be available on IQPARC.com after the workshop
All attendees will receive a certificate of competition from IQPARC. Moreover, attendees will have opportunities to participate in follow-up programming events (with free access to quantum computers) and apply for awards and summer scholarships offered by IQPARC. 
To learn more about the Center for Innovation in Quantum Pedagogy, Application and its 
Relation to Culture (IQ-PARC), please visit the home page at https://www.iqparc.com. Questions can be directed to: lidongyang@purdue.edu
This effort is supported by the National Defense Education Program (NDEP-STEM) under Grant No. HQ0034-21-1-0014