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ChE Honors Program 

The Chemical Engineering Honors program is available for students who have demonstrated a strong academic ability and wish to conduct independent research with a faculty advisor on a research project. This research should last a minimum of two semesters (typically fall & spring semester senior year). Students may also opt to conduct research for three semesters (spring semester junior year, fall & spring semester senior year) depending on the research project. Students pursuing this program must write, submit, and defend a B.S. Honors Thesis.

ChE Honors Curriculum:

  • CHE 49800: Undergraduate Thesis Research I 
  • CHE 49900: Undergraduate Thesis Research II 
  • CHE 54000: Transport Phenomena

ChE Honors Application Process:

Students may apply for the Chemical Engineering Honors program after reaching an agreement with a faculty advisor on a research topic and the following requirements have been met:

  • Must have a 3.5 overall GPA
  • Must have completed the following courses with a grade of a B- or better on the first attempt in the course: ENGL 10600, MA 26100, CHE 20500, CHE 37700, COM 11400, Math Selective I, CHE 21100, CHE 37800, PHYS 24100, Math Selective II, CHE 34800.

Note: Students may be accepted into the program prior to enrolling in the above courses upon approval from the faculty advisor and the ChE Undergraduate Office. Acceptance will be contingent on earning a grade of a B or better in the untaken course.

ChE Thesis Guidelines & Resources: