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Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Required Core (97 cr)

This includes all requirements where a specific course is listed (i.e. ENGL 10600, CHE 20500, MA 26100, etc.)

Biology Selective (3 cr)

To fulfill the Biology Selective, students may choose one of the following courses:

  • BIOL 23000  Biology of the Living Cell
  • BIOL 23100  Biology III Cell Structure and Function
  • CHM 33900 Biochemistry: A Molecular Approach
  • CHM 53300  Introductory Biochemistry
  • BCHM 30700 Biochemistry
  • BCHM 56100 General Biochemistry

Math Selective (7 cr)

To fulfill the Math Selectives, students may choose to complete one of the following Math Tracks:

Track 1

  • *MA 26500 Linear Algebra

     and one of the following:

  • MA 26600 Ordinary Differential Equations
  • MA 36600 Ordinary Differential Equations

*In order to fulfill the 130 credits for graduation, students who complete MA 26500 for Math Selective I, will need an additional 1 credit hour of free elective credit.  

Track 2

  • MA 26200 Linear Algebra and Diff Equations

      and one of the following:

  • MA 30300 Differential Equations and Partial Differential Equations for Engineering and the Sciences
  • MA 30400 Differential Equations and Analysis of Nonlinear Systems for Engineering and the Sciences
  • MA 51400 Numerical Analysis
  • ME 58100 Numerical Methods in Mechanical Engineering

Chemical Engineering Electives (3cr)

In addition to the required Chemical Engineering courses, students must choose 3 additional credit hours of Chemical Engineering courses.  A list of eligible courses as determined by the faculty is included below. Chemical Engineering Electives MUST be selected from this list:

  • CHE 33000 Principles of Molecular Engineering
  • CHE 41100 Research
  • CHE 41200 Design Research Projects
  • CHE 44200 Chem & Engr of High Polymers
  • CHE 46100 Biomedical Engineering
  • CHE 46300 Applications of ChE Principles
  • CHE 49700 Course Titles Vary
  • CHE 49800 Undergrad Research Thesis I
  • CHE 49900 Undergrad Research Thesis II
  • ABE 58000 Process Engineering of Renewable Resources
  • Any ChE 500 level course

*Note that the department regularly offers multiple CHE 59700 and/or 49700 courses.  This is because 49700 and 59700 are temporary course numbers assigned to newer courses that have not been adopted into the course catalog as permanent offerings.  When referencing the Schedule of Classes, you will be able to identify the different courses by their titles.

Engineering Electives (6cr)

While students may elect to take courses from Chemical Engineering to fulfill this requirement, the approved courses come from several engineering disciplines to provide students the opportunity to broaden their understanding of engineering concepts.  A list of eligible courses as determined by the faculty is included below. Engineering Electives MUST be selected from this list.

  • CHE 40100 Co-Op Seminar III
  • Any ChE course from the ChE Elective List
  • Any course from AAE, ABE, BME, CE, CEM, ECE, IE, MSE, ME and NUCL.

Please note the following courses are NO CREDIT:

  • ABE 20100, 21000, 30800, 37000
  • IE 23000, 33000
  • ME 30900, 31500

Technical Electives (3 cr)

Technical Electives are courses which are generally selected from the College of Science, though courses from the CHE and ENGR Elective lists may be used as well. A list of eligible courses as determined by the faculty is included below. Technical electives MUST be selected from this list.

  • Biochemistry – Any BCHM course excluding BCHM 30700 & 56100 if used for Biology Selective
  • Biology – Any BIOL course excluding 11000, 13500, 14600 and 14700
  • CHM 22400 Intro to Quantitative Analysis
  • CHM 24100 Intro to Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHM 32100 Analytical Chemistry I
  • CHM 32300 Analytical Chemistry I
  • CHM 33300 Principles of Biochemistry
  • CHM 34200 Inorganic Chemistry
  • CHM 42400 Analytical Chemistry
  • Any Chemistry course above CHM 424
  • Any Computer Science Course
  • Any Earth and Atmospheric Science Course
  • ENGR 11700 Honors Engr Computer   Programming
  • Any 3 credit hours of EPICS
  • Any course from the Engineering Elective List
  • Any 3 credit hours of GEP 20000 level or above
  • MGMT 20000 Introductory Accounting or MGMT 20010 Business Accounting
  • MGMT 24300 Contemporary Thought of Minorities in MGMT
  • MA 30100 Intro to Proof Through Real Analysis
  • MA 30800 Elementary Discrete Math
  • MA 34100 Foundations of Analysis
  • MA 35300 Linear II with Applications
  • MA 36200 Topics in Vector Calculus
  • MA 37000 Math Theory of Interest
  • Any Math course above MA 37300
  • IPPH 36200 Basic Pharmaceutics
  • IPPH 56200 Intro to Pharma Manufacturing Processes
  • PHAD Food and Drug Law I
  • Any Physics course 30000 or above
  • Any Statistics course 51100 or above

General Education Electives (18 credits)

For students admitted to the School of Chemical Engineering prior to the Fall 2014

See the ChE approved general education courses

Credits may be completed from the following subject areas:


Please note the following rules:

  • A minimum of 6 credit hours must be taken from one subject area
  • No more than 12 credit hours can be used from any one subject area
  • A minimum of 9 credit hours must be taken from subjects designated as having a global and societal content (Underlined)
  • A minimum of 6 credit hours must be non-introductory (300 level or above or have a pre-req within the same subject)
  • If using a foreign language, at least 6 credits must be taken in that language

For students admitted to the School of Chemical Engineering on or after Fall 2014

Credits may be completed from the following School of Chemical Engineering approved general education course list.

Please note the following rules:

*The Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering program is accredited by ABET,

Program Enrollment and Graduation Data