Welcome to the Fundamentals Laboratory

Purdue Chemical Engineering Fundamentals Lab is a unique environment where undergraduate students learn chemical engineering concepts through hands-on activities and visualization of important phenomena associated with the theoretical concepts learned in the classroom.

The Fundamentals Laboratory supports three core chemical engineering courses:

  • CHE 34800 - Chemical Reaction Engineering
  • CHE 37700 - Momentum Transfer
  • CHE 37800 - Heat and Mass Transfer

Four experiments have been developed for each of the courses, for a total of 12 experiments. Many of these experiments were developed on portable set-ups that can be moved in and out of the lab and can also be used for demonstrations in the classroom. 

Current Students and Instructors can access the Fundamentals Laboratory materials here.

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To learn more about the Fundamentals Laboratory and how to become a sponsor, contact Dr. Gabriela Nagy, Director of Industrial Education, at nagyg@purdue.edu.