Chemical Engineering Cooperative Education Program

Gabriela Nagy, PhD
Gabriela Nagy, PhD
ChE Co-Op Coordinator

The Co-Op programs offer many benefits for students looking to gain valuable professional experience before they graduate. Students participating in the Co-Op program gain 12-20 months of paid relevant industrial experience by graduation. Co-Op students typically alternate semesters of on-campus academic study with sessions of work with an approved industry partner. The Co-Op program is a transcript-recorded experience and the students maintain full-time student status while on a work rotation with their Co-Op company. By fulfilling all requirements of the ChE Co-Op Program, participating students will receive an academic certificate to accompany their Chemical Engineering degree. 

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   Process Once a Co-op Offer is Secured

  1. Co-Op offer letters can be secured by participating in Purdue sponsored career fairs, or through your own efforts. Once you accept a co-op offer from an employer, submit a copy of your offer letter to the ChE Co-Op Coordinator at
  2. Revise your Plan of Study to reflect the Co-Op experience
  3. Sign and submit the Job Acceptance Form and a copy of your revised Plan of Study to your academic advisor and to the ChE Co-Op Coordinator
  4. Complete and submit the ChE Co-Op Student Responsibilities Form to the ChE Co-Op Coordinator
  5. Attend the ChE Co-Op Orientation Session organized during the last week of classes (typically spring semester)
  6. Enroll in the appropriate ChE specific Co-Op experiential course

    Note: If you are an international student, review the F-1 Visa Student Information and complete the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Process

   Information for International Students

   Important Forms for ChE Co-Op Students

Program Administration

Academic Advising Team:

If you have questions about the ChE Co-Op program, please contact Dr. Gabriela Nagy