Accommodations for Students with Disabilities: Information for Students

In order to make our department more inclusive and accessible and to uphold the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the School has established procedures to be followed by students who have a Letter of Accommodation (LOA) from the Disability Resource Center (DRC).

Please provide your academic advisor and instructor a copy of your LOA (this is the instructor of your Lecture section, not a Teaching Assistant of your Lab, Recitation, or PSO). If you have the letter at the start of the term, we strongly recommend you give it to your instructor and academic advisor within the first two weeks of the semester and inform them if you plan to take your quizzes or exams with accommodations in the testing center or in the Undergraduate Office.

We recognize that a disability can occur at any time; therefore, we recommend that you give your academic advisor and instructor a copy of your LOA as soon as possible.

Exam Accommodations

  1. Talk with your instructor and academic advisor as soon as possible if you are experiencing barriers, or anticipate experiencing barriers through the semester.

  1. We prefer you provide a minimum of one week notice (i.e., submission of an LOA to your instructor and academic advisor) prior to the scheduled exam date to ensure the accommodations requested are available. If notification of an accommodation is not provided within a reasonable timeframe, a good faith effort will be followed to meet the requirements of the accommodation; however, it may take time to implement certain accommodations, resulting in a delay of access.   

  1. If you plan to take your exams at the DRC Testing Center, contact the DRC Testing Center in Young Hall 830 via to start the appointment scheduling process.  It is recommended you contact the DRC for scheduling well ahead of the exam date.  Any questions about the Testing Center should be directed to the DRC Testing Center at or 765-496-6168.

  1. If you plan to take your exams in the ChE Resource Room (FRNY G041E), contact your instructor to start the scheduling process. It is highly recommended that you contact your instructor a minimum of one week prior to the date of your exam to ensure availability. Exams will be proctored by a member of the UG Office staff, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm. If the ChE Resource Room is unavailable, the UGO will seek nearby alternative locations.


Your instructor should be able to address any questions or concerns you may have about academic accommodations.

If you are unable to resolve issues with your instructor, please contact the Undergraduate Office in Forney Hall G041, 765-494-5650 or feel free to contact your DRC Access Consultant at any time.