MSChE + MBA Dual Degree Option

Now you can earn your Professional Master's in Chemical Engineering from the Davidson School of Chemical Engineering and your MBA from the Krannert School of Management in just two years — a year less than if you earned them separately. The combined MSChE-MBA dual degree option allows students in the Professional Master's Program to capitalize on and expand upon the business and management curriculum of their Master's degree and share credits towards completion of an MBA through Purdue's top-ranked Krannert School of Managment. The two-year, full-time, in-residence MSChE-MBA dual degree option allows Purdue engineering students to propel their career and strengthen both their technical and business skills through two top-ranked programs. 

Program Highlights

  • Affordable Excellence at Scale: The streamlined timeframe lowers tuition costs and shortens time to graduation, while earning a full-time MSChE + MBA in less time and for less cost than if pursued separately.
  • 2 Year Program: Students take a combination of advanced technical and management courses, earning a Master’s of Science in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in just two years.
  • Specially Tailored Coursework: 6 different technical concentrations for the MSChE and 14 different areas of specialization for the MBA, allowing students to tailor their coursework to suit their interest and goals.
    • The MSChE offers a combination of advanced technical training and experiential learning that prepares you to become a future leader in global companies.
    • The Krannert MBA offers a unique mix of critical problem solving, teamwork and analytics that prepares graduates to turn data into decisions while developing the necessary skills to lead in the business world.
  • Abundant Experiential Opportunities: Work with industry leaders and world-renowned faculty on a 6-credit hour capstone project for the MSChE and combine dynamic classroom experiences with the Krannert Experiential Learning Initiative for the MBA.
  • Advanced Professional Development Programs: Receive one-on-one counseling and career development while in both programs to prepare for success at Purdue and beyond.
  • Career Catalyzation and Expansion: Capitalize on your technical background with your MSChE and expand your reach to diverse fields and advanced leadership tracks with the MBA.

Curriculum Overview

Total MSChE Credits: 30
Total MBA Credits: 42
Total Credits Completed: 72
Total Credits Shared: 18
  • Management Courses (9 Credits):
    • (3) MGMT 62000 – Marketing Management 
    • (3) MGMT 65000 – Strategic Management I
    • (3) MGMT 66000 – Intro to Operations Management
  • Elective Courses (9 Credits):
    • (3) Engineering Course
    • (3) Engineering Course
    • (3) Engineering Course

Sample degree plan of study below:

12-month Professional MSChE

Fall Semester 1 (12 Credits)
___ (3) CHE 54000 – Transport Phenomena
___ (3) MGMT 62000 – Marketing Management
___ (3) Concentration Selective Course 
___ (3) Concentration Selective Course
Spring Semester 1 (12 Credits)
___ (3) CHE 69700 – Statistical Methods in Chemical Engineering
___ (3) MGMT 65000 – Strategic Management I 
___ (3) MGMT 66000 – Intro to Operations Management
___ (3) Concentration Selective Course
Summer Semester 1 (6 Credits)
___ (6) CHE 59700 – Prof. MS Capstone Project
Total Credits: 30

Graduate in Summer and receive your MSCHE degree, then join the MBA program the following Fall

12-month MBA

Fall Semester 2 (18 credits)
Module 1 (1st 8 weeks):
___ (0) MGMT 59100 – Launching Global Leaders
___ (3) MGMT 60000 - Accounting for Managers
___ (3) MGMT 67000 – Business Analytics
___ (2) OBHR 68100 – Organizational Behavior
___ (1) MGMT 69200 – Managerial Communication Skills
___ (3) MGMT 63000 – Business Law
Module 2 (2nd 8 weeks):
___ (3) MGMT 61000 – Financial Management
___ (2) ECON 51400 – Microeconomics
___ (2) MGMT Electives
Spring Semester 1 (18 credits)
Module 1 (1st 8 weeks):
___ (3) MGMT 65000 – Strategic Management
___ (2) MGMT 68300 – Management Information Systems
___ (3) MGMT Electives
Module 2 (2nd 8 weeks):
___ (10) MGMT Electives
Summer Semester 1 (6 Credits)
___ (2) ECON 51500 – Macroeconomics
___ (4) MGMT Electives
Graduate in Summer and receive your MBA

How do I apply to the MSChE + MBA dual program?

The application process for the MSCHE + MBA dual degree option is a two-tiered process, meaning you must be admitted to both the MSChE and the MBA separately. First, you must apply to the MSCHE program. Then, if admitted, you will apply to the MBA program during your first semester in the MSCHE program. Please see below for further details.
  1. Apply to the ChE Professional MS Program.
    • Please note the same ChE PMP admissions standards apply and can be found here.
  2. Follow-up with our Graduate Office about your application and let them know you are interested in the MSChE + MBA dual degree option.
  3. In your first semester of the MSCHE program work with the ChE Professional M.S. Program Administrator to apply to the Krannert MBA program.
    • Please note the same Krannert MBA admissions standards apply and can be found here.
  4. Work with the Krannert admissions team to craft your best possible application package.
  5. Receive a decision from Krannert.
  6. Complete your MSChE, then join the Krannert MBA program.
  7. 18 credits in total (9 credits in management coursework + 9 credits in engineering coursework) will be transferred to the MBA program, shortening your MBA degree requirements from 60 to 42.
  8. Complete your MBA and MSChE just two years after beginning your engineering program.
  9. For additional information, please refer to the following link here.

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