Chemical Engineering Professional Master's Program Milestones

Fall (1st) Semester

  • Registration:
    • Register for CHE 69700 Statistical Methods or CHE 59700 Engineering Math
    • Register for MGMT 62000 Marketing Management 
    • Register for two concentration electives
  • Begin career preparation
    • Set up a myCCO account
    • Attend career fairs and network
  • Meet with PMP Administrator for Spring registration
  • File Electronic Plan of Study before end of term

Spring (2nd) Semester

  • Registration:
    • Register for CHE 54000 Transport Phenomena
    • Register for two management courses from the following options:
      • CHE 59700 Financial Analysis and Management of Projects
      • MGMT 65000 Strategic Management
      • MGMT 6600 Intro to Operations
    • Register for one concentration elective 
  • Begin Capstone Project pairing process (~mid-semester)
    • Review industrial project options
    • Decide to do an industrial project or an academic project
    • Submit project rankings to Graduate Office
    • Receive project assignment near end of term
    • Being preliminary discussions with project mentors
  • Continue career preparation

Summer (Final) Semester

  • Register for CHE 59700 Professional MS Capstone Project and begin project
  • Register for Candidacy (CAND 991) to declare intention to graduate
  • Complete PMP Exit Questionnaire (emailed) & Candidate Checklist (Appendix H) prior to leaving campus
  • Graduate!