Experiential Capstone Program

The Chemical Engineering (ChE) Professional M.S. Program's (PMP) Experiential Capstone Program enables students to apply knowledge acquired in the PMP curriculum to a specific application of relevant importance. The project integrates science, engineering, design, and economics to achieve specific goals, such as the development of innovative technology, refinement of new analytical tools, or improved understanding of material properties, synthesis, and processing. Students have the opportunity to select industrial-based or academic-based projects led under the guidance of our industrial partners or the guidance of ChE faculty, respectively. Industry projects typically consist of teams in which a group of 2-4 students work with a mentor from an industrial partner, while students working on academic projects join the laboratory of a Purdue Chemical Engineering faculty member on individual- or team-based projects. Examples of 2022 capstone projects are listed below.

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Process analytical technologies in freeze-drying: evaluation of risks of vial breakage and freeze-induced protein destabilization using a thin-film strain sensor.

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Surrogate solution design and preparation for use in biological drug process development.


Co-solvent Lyophilization: Residual Gas Analysis.

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Explore tools for Big Data Management and analysis for Biopharmaceutical Development.

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H2 Value Chain.

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Ocean-Based Carbon Dioxide Removal.

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Process Development of the Manufacture of ECM Based Vascular Graft Devices.

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Heat transfer and hydraulic model of agitating nozzles.

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Self-optimizing reactor platforms.

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Use of water to mitigate a Bromine loss of containment event.


Collection and Application of Adiabatic Calorimetry Data for Thermal Stability Evaluations.

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Fluid Bed Granulation - Regime Map Development

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ML-driven optimization of operating conditions.

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Modeling Lyophilizers in transient 3D CFD using STAR-CCM+.

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Discrete modeling of particles for pharmaceutical applications.


Process Engineering for Direct Air Capture.

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Modeling energetics of molecules of interest to the pharmaceutical industry.

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