PMP Capstone Course/Project

The Chemical Engineering (ChE) Professional M.S. Program's (PMP) Capstone Course enables students to apply knowledge acquired in the PMP curriculum to a specific application of relevant importance. The Capstone integrates science, engineering, design, and economics to achieve specific goals, such as the development of innovative technology, refinement of new analytical tools, or improved understanding of material properties, synthesis, and processing. Students have the opportunity to select industrial-based or academic-based projects led under the guidance of our industrial partners or the guidance of ChE faculty, respectively. Industry projects typically consist of teams in which a group of 2-4 students work with a mentor from an industrial partner, while students working on academic projects join the laboratory of a Purdue Chemical Engineering faculty member on individual- or team-based projects. Examples of 2023 capstone projects are listed below.

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Evaluation of strain sensor to assess phase transitions & mechanical stresses during freeze-drying of pharmaceutical solutions

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Experimental study of freezing induced concentration gradients in a container

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Pervaporation: Review, Model, Scale-Up & Practical Consideration

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Correlating Flammability Limits to Laminar Burning Velocity


Benchmarking Chemical Release Scenarios Using Fauske & Associates FATETM Tool

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Pharmaceutical granulation: from drop-templating to shear-gap granulation

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Powder flow for control of filling in pharmaceuticals

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Utilize machine learning to improve chemical processes

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CFD simulation of a narrow-gap homogenizer

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Energies of Molecules of Interest to the Pharma Industry

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