In Vivo Spectroscopic Imaging for Biology, Medicine and Materials Science



Aug 13, 2015: We have released Matlab codes of a new denoising algorithm for hyperspectral images on Matlab Central File Exchange: You are very welcome to play with it and tell your feedback to us. For more, please check the paper: Chien-sheng Liao et al. "Denoising Stimulated Raman Spectroscopic Images by Total Variation Minimization", Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2015).

July 28, 2015: Jason Liao et al's work "Spectrometer-free Vibrational Imaging by Retrieving Stimulated Raman Signal from Highly Scattered Photons", is acepted by Science Advances.

July 23 2015: Junjie Li et al 's work "Highly sensitive transient absorption imaging of graphene and graphene oxide in living cells and circulating blood" is published in Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group).

July 21 2015: Our $2.2M R01 grant "in vivo photoacoustic sensiting of lipid laden plaque" is formally awarded by National Heart Lung and Blood Institute.

July 9-10 2015: Our Spectroscopy Imaging Workshp attracted 88 participants.

May 2015: MarginPAT team (Rui, Lu and Pu) has been selected as a finalist in BMEidea competition, congratulations! 

May 2015: Brittani received CTSI translational research fellowship, congratulations!

May 2015: Rui received SIRG Graduate Assistantship from Purdue Cancer center,  congratulations!

Mar 2015: Ji-Xin Cheng was selected as the 2015 winner of the Craver Award of the Coblentz Society. Congratulations! 

Dec 2014: Cheng and coworkers received a 3-year, 1 million award from Keck Foundation to develop vibrational spectroscopic imaging tools for single cell analysis. Congratulations!

Dec 2014:  Hyeon Jeong Lee et al.'s work "Assessing Cholesterol Storage in Live Cells and C. elegans by Stimulated Raman Scattering Imaging of Phenyl-Diyne Cholesterol"  has been accepted by Scientific Reports (Nature Publishing Group) and is in press now. Congratulations!

Dec 2014: Chien-Sheng Liao et al.'s work "Microsecond Scale Vibrational Spectroscopic Imaging by Multiplex Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy" has been accepted by Light: Science & Applications (Nature Publishing Group) and is in press now. Congratulations!

Dec 2014: Hyeon Jeong Lee received PULSe travel award! Congratulations!

Nov 2014: Pu Wang's work "High-speed Intravascular Photoacoustic Imaging of Lipid-laden Atherosclerotic Plaque Enabled by a 2-kHz Barium Nitrite Raman Laser" is highlighted on Biomedical Picture Of The Day (BPoD) website, which aims to engage everyone, young and old, in the wonders of Biomedicine. Please see more on BPoD webpage:, Facebook:, Twitter:, and Tumblr:

Nov 2014: Ji-Xin Cheng is named Chang-Jiang Professor by Chinese Ministor of Education. 

Oct 2014: Ji-Xin Cheng is appointed to be Scientific Director of Label-free Imaging at Purdue's Discovery Park.

Aug 2014: Congratulations to Pu Wang, Delong Zhang, Steve Lee who received their PhD degrees.

March 2014: Ji-Xin Cheng becomes a Fellow of AIMBE (American Institute of Medicine and Biological Engineering)