Ethics and Policy Healthcare Requirement List

This is an old webpage. Please refer to the current information located here.
BME students must complete at least 3 credits (earning a C- or better) addressing ethical and policy issues in healthcare and medicine. It is important that our students have an awareness of societal, regulatory, policy, and ethical considerations that influence healthcare and medicine. Thus, we require our students to take at least one course that advances their knowledge in this area.

Currently Approved Courses:

  • ANTH 340: Global Health (Fall 2020 and later only)
  • BME 564: Ethical Engineering Of Medical Technologies (cannot be used towards Gen Ed credit total)
  • PHIL 270: Biomedical Ethics
  • PHIL 280: Ethics and Animals
  • PHIL 207: Ethics for Technology, Engineering, and Design
  • MSE 489: Ethics in Engineering Practice (cannot be used towards Gen Ed credit total)
  • SOC 572: The Human Side of Medicine
  • SOC 573: Comparative Healthcare
  • SOC 574: Social Organization of Healthcare
  • PSY 581: Neuroethics (Option available for seniors only)