Dr. Sarah Calve

The Musculoskeletal Extracellular Matrix Laboratory (MEML) is focused on characterizing how the biomechanical environment influences tissue assembly during development, repair and regeneration.


  • Optimizing the in vitro formation of 3D self-assembling muscle and tendon constructs. By mimicking the biomechanical environment in which soft tissues form in vivo, the MEML aims to develop more functionally relevant muscle and tendon replacements.
  • 4D imaging of the extracellular matrix during musculoskeletal tissue assembly. In the MEML, the developing murine forelimb is being utilized as a model to determine how the remodeling extracellular matrix controls muscle and tendon formation in vivo.

Recruitment Needs:

One PhD student, preferably with some experience in materials testing, instrumentation design, cell culture and/or developmental biology.

Contact Sarah Calve at scalve@purdue.edu for more information.