Building Emergency Plan


Martin C. Jischke Hall of Biomedical Engineering


For ALL emergencies, call 911.

Emergencies Call 911

Fire Alarm

  • Leave the building immediately, using the nearest exit. Use stairways only. Do NOT use elevators. Tell others to evacuate. Take your keys, coat, purse, and another other critical personal items with you. Close doors behind you.
  • Go to the Emergency Assembly Area.
  • Remain in the Emergency Assembly Area until roll is taken and instructions are given.
  • Do not re-enter the building until authorized fire or police department personnel give the "All Clear" instruction.
  • MJIS Evacuation Routes

All Hazards Siren

  • Shelter in place!
  • Go indoors immediately.
  • Determine the cause of the siren using Purdue communications protocols
    • text alerts
    • e-mail messages
    • Purdue home page
  • Take appropriate action for the emergency

Tornado or Severe Weather

  • Move to a tornado shelter location
    • basement, ground, or first floor
    • away from windows and skylights

Active Threat or Campus Violence

  • Interior doors with card swipe entry will lock
    • access with your MJIS key or Purdue ID
  • Stay away from glass doors and windows
    • remain out of sight of someone outside of the building
  • Determine your options for escape or concealment
    • Escape if possible
      • If possible, while maintaining your safety, leave the area
      • Leave belongings behind (except for your Purdue ID)
      • Help others escape, if possible
      • Keep your hands visible
    • If escape is not possible, hide
      • out of view
      • lock and/or barricade entrance
  • Last resort - take action
    • only when your life is in imminent danger

Get Ready... Get Set... Go

This information is designed to encourage building occupants to develop an individual plan based on potential life threatening incidents such as a shooting on campus. Actions should be based on situational awareness. React to Purdue ALERT information as well as what you see and hear in your general area. See Purdue's Emergency Preparedness website for more information.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

An AED automatically diagnoses cardiac arrhythmias and corrects them. There are two AEDs located in MJIS.


Location of MJIS 1st floor AED  One is on the first floor, in the south hallway, outside of the MJIS 1083 classroom.

location of MJIS 2nd floor AEDThere is also an AED located on the 2nd floor of MJIS, in the sitting area outside of MJIS 2001.