Table of Contents

(Date Adopted:  02/22/12)

(Date Revised:  02/09/16)

(Prepared by:  Susan D. Hardy)


Quick Reference Summary

SECTION 1:  User Items

Emergency Contact Information

Non-emergency Contact Numbers

Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

Response to Alarms

Detailed Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Detailed Emergency Shelter in Place Procedures

All-Clear Procedures

Class Suspension or Campus Closure


SECTION 2: Building Information

Building Description

Building Departments

Building Critical Operations

Building Alarm(s)

Building Safety Committee 


SECTION 3:  Responsibilities and Requirements

Department Head or Designated Representative

BEP Developer (building deputy or an individual designated by the department head)

Building Occupants


BEP Requirements


SECTION 4:  Evacuation Guidelines for People Requesting Additional Assistance



APPENDIX A:  Acronyms and Term Definitions

APPENDIX B:  Voluntary Registry for Persons Requesting Additional Assistance

APPENDIX C:  Instructions for Personnel Assisting Those Needing Additional Assistance