Purdue Biomedical Engineering Slated for Major Expansion

The Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University will grow substantially its faculty, educational programs, and applied research facilities to meet burgeoning economic development needs for graduates and translatable medical technologies. This expansion is a critical component of the Purdue College of Engineering growth plan that will include the hiring of more than 100 new faculty members over the next five years.

"This major expansion of our innovative instructional and research capabilities will allow us to more fully meet the needs of our students and industrial partners and thereby have an even broader impact on the medical device field and healthcare," stated George Wodicka, Head of the Weldon School. "We will build upon our strong track record of creating technologies that both improve patient care and drive the regional economy through effective translation and entrepreneurship."

In addition to faculty and related staff growth, the plan emphasizes the development of industrially-oriented educational programs and state-of-the-art laboratories that spur creativity and innovation. Wodicka said, "We envision our growth to be highly collaborative with departments across campus, with our principal academic partner, the Indiana University School of Medicine, and with our many industrial partners, creating a large biomedical engineering enterprise with unlimited potential for impact."

For the full announcement of the College of Engineering's strategic, five-year growth plan, please follow the accompanying link