Save the Date!

There are many opportunities to be involved with the Weldon School this semester. Corporate Partners, friends, and alumni are all invited to attend. Here are just a few to mark on your calendars for fall semester.

Indiana State Fair - Purdue Day - August 13th

Be sure to stop by the Weldon School's tent at the State Fair this Friday. A full list of events can be found here.

Distance learning registration deadline - August 22nd

Earn your Masters of Science in Engineering - Interdisciplinary with a focus in Biomedical Engineering online. To learn more information, visit

Intern Poster Showcase -September 16th, 4:30 - 5:30pm, MJIS Atrium

Our interns and coops have returned from their summer industrial experiences and are ready to share their experiences.

Industrial Roundtable Weldon Open House Luncheons -September 14th and 15th, 11am-2pm, MJIS 2001

If you are coming to campus to recruit at IR, we would like to host you for an informal luncheon at your convenience. If you would like a chance to get out of the sun and share a meal with our students, email Julia Colby today. Please include the date of your visit and indicate if you would like a tour of the school.

Weldon BMES Reception - October 7th, 5:45pm, Austin, TX

Keeping an annual tradition, the Weldon School will be hosting a reception at the 2010 Biomedical Engineering Society Conference in Austin, Texas. If you are attending the conference, or are just in the area and would like to join fellow BME Boilers, please join us! We will be hosting prospective students as well, so it is a great opportunity to not only see old friends, but to share your experiences too. Please RSVP to Julia Colby before September 20th.

Weldon School Tailgate and Football game (vs. Wisconsin) - November 6th

In the spirit of the infamous goat roasts and likened to a "Weldon (nee Hillenbrand Center) Homecoming", the Weldon School hosts an annual barbeque tailgate for friends and alumni. Look for more information on this event later this fall.

Senior Design Presentations - Finals week TBA - (December 13-17th), MJIS 1001

Our students shine each end of term in their capstone project presentations. Feedback from our friends and alumni add another dimension to this defining moment in their undergraduate careers. Projects are expected to include: 

  • A cost effective preterm infant incubator
    • Project from Engineering World Health
  • Smart helmet for military soldiers
  • Bioelectrically controlled car
  • Tactile surface detector
  • Intraoral communication device
  • Environmentally adaptive hearing aid
  • Conductive heat therapy device to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy
  • Gamer opportunities for upper extremity amputees
    • Project suggested and mentored by Weldon alumni, Brian Kaluf ('08)