Professor Jim Leary Selected for Distinguished Life Sciences Scientist Award

Jim Leary, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and SVM Professor of Nanomedicine has been selected to receive the Distinguished Life Sciences Scientist Award from the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation and the U.S Chamber of Commerce.


As the national winner of the 2010 Chairmen's Distinguished Life Sciences Scientist Award Dr. Leary will receive a cash award for expenses related to his nanomedicine research. One award is given each year in a national competition based on creative and cutting edge science. Several esteemed colleagues in the field of nanomedicine recommended Dr. Leary for this honor.

Dr. Leary's research involves designing "next-generation", advanced nanodelivery systems for drugs and genes to combat cancer and other diseases. He has invented a variety of new nanomedical devices with targeting molecules that deliver therapeutic drugs precisely to diseased cells to perform single cell "nanosurgery", which eliminate the diseased cells while trying to preserve nearby normal cells, allowing for much smaller drug doses and fewer side effects.

Professor Leary was flown to Washington, D.C. to participate in day-long activities and a dinner, followed by his participation in a panel, presentation of the award during a ceremony, and a return to the Purdue campus.