Professor Cheng Granted Coulter Translational Research Award

Weldon Professor Ji-Xin Cheng has been notified that he has been selected for a Phase I Coulter Translational Research Award.

The decision was the result of an application first submitted by Cheng in December last year as an abstract and followed with a full application in March of this year. His project, entitled "A Micelle Approach to Early Nerve Repair after Spinal Cord Injury" was selected by a prestigious committee of reviewers consisting of venture capitalists, industry representatives, clinicians and experts in technology transfer. 

As part of the award, the Foundation hosts an annual Coulter College in Ft. Lauderdale each year. Professor Cheng will attend for dinner with the Foundation followed the next day by a presentation of his project to the Foundation and its advisors in a 30 minute meeting. Cheng's clinical co-investigator on the project will be graduate student Xiao-Ming Xu.

The Coulter Translational Research Awards program provides funding for Assistant Professors in established Biomedical Engineering Departments within the United States. The award seeks to support biomedical research that is translational in nature, and to encourage and assist eligible biomedical engineering investigators to establish themselves in academic careers involving translational research. The translational research projects are directed at promising technologies with the goal of progressing toward commercial development and entering clinical practice.