Professor Paul Robinson Summits Mt. Everest

What started out as an off-handed comment resulted in the adventure of a lifetime for J. Paul Robinson, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Cytomics and Immunopharmacology at Purdue.

Robinson had been trying to raise funds to provide low-cost HIV/AIDS diagnostics to poor countries through Cytometry for Life, a foundation he founded. He commented, “It’s probably easier to climb Mt. Everest than to raise money for this!” and then went about trying to prove himself wrong. 

The entire trip took nine weeks: from March 28th until June 2nd. Seven to eight of those weeks were spent acclimatizing–climbing various other mountains, sometimes several times. Finally, they set off for the summit, travelling from Base Camp, to Camp I, Camp II, Camp III, Camp IV, and finally to the Summit. “I did it because I hope it helps to open doors,” he says. “I hope people are interested and listen as a result.”

For a more detailed account of the expedition, check out Professor Robinson’s blog: