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BNC/BME/ME Seminar - Sept. 10
September 09, 2014
Z. Hugh Fan, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at the University of Florida will give a special seminar on Wednesday, September 10th, entitled "CTC Isolation and Protein Synthesis Enabled by Microfluidics."
Structural Biology Seminar - Sept. 10
September 09, 2014
Deepa Balasubramaniam of the Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, UCSD, will present a seminar entitled "Interaction between ASB9 and creatine kinase" on Wednesday, September 10th.
'Fingerprinting' cell metabolism points toward study of obesity, diabetes
September 09, 2014
Researchers have shown how to use a new imaging platform to map lipid metabolism in living cells, discovering specifically where cholesterol is stored and pointing toward further studies in obesity, diabetes and longevity.
Faculty Positions
September 04, 2014
We are seeking three highly qualified, creative individuals with substantial experience in technologies to enable implantable networks of wireless nanoelectronics devices.
Special BME Seminar - Thurs., Sept. 4
September 02, 2014
Rafael de Cabo, PhD, is Senior Investigator and Acting Chief of the Translational Gerontology Branch, National Institute on Aging (NIH). His seminar is entitled "Health Benefits of Resveratrol from Mice to Monkeys."
BME Seminar Series - Wed., Sept. 3
September 02, 2014
Gary H. Glover, Ph.D., of the Radiological Sciences Laboratory, Stanford University Dept. of Radiology will present a seminar on Wednesday, September 3rd entitled "Multi-modal functional neuroimaging and neuromodulation using fMRI."
Wireless sensor transmits tumor pressure
August 28, 2014
Researchers at the Weldon School have developed a novel sensor that can wirelessly relay pressure readings from inside a tumor.
BME Seminar - Wed., August 27
August 26, 2014
Meri Firpo, Ph.D. of the Stem Cell Institute, Schulze Diabetes Institute at the University of Minnesota will present a seminar entitled "Stem cells for transplantation in diabetes: Processing Cultures of Human iPS-Derived Endoderm for Transplantation" on Wednesday, August 27th.
Federal and Foundational Funding of Weldon School Research Doubles in Past Year
August 11, 2014
In an era when government funding for academic research and training is shrinking and thus competition for grants is fierce, the Weldon School has experienced an unprecedented growth in federal and foundational support.
Final BME Seminar for Summer 2014
August 05, 2014
Mrugesh Parasa (Prof. Tamara Kinzer Ursem, advisor)will present the final seminar for the Summer of 2014. The seminar, entitled "Cell free protein expression and fatty acid labeling," will begin at 12:30 p.m. in MJIS 2001.

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