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Weldon School's Alpha Eta Mu Beta Inducts New Members

Alpha Eta Mu Beta - National Biomedical Engineering Honor Society
Alpha Eta Mu Beta - National Biomedical Engineering Honor Society
In the fall semester of 2010, the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering began its own chapter of Alpha Eta Mu Beta - one of biomedical engineering's only National Honor Societies. Initially founded by Dr. Daniel Reneau of Louisiana Tech University in 1979, AEMB membership is offered to the top fifth of juniors and top third of seniors in biomedical engineering programs.

AEMB's main goals are to promote the understanding of the profession as well as recognize the excellence within the field. In addition, the purpose of AEMB is to bring into closer union and to mark in an outstanding manner those biomedical engineers who have manifested a deep interest and market ability in their chosen life work so as to promote an understanding of their profession and to develop its members professionally.

The members of the Purdue Chapter of AEMB are split into one of three committees, dedicated to serving the original goal - Professional Development, Outreach, and Internal Affairs.

Current officers include Dr. Marcia Pool, Chapter Advisor; Xinran (Daniel) Lu, President; Dafang Chen, Vice President; Jamie Canter, Secretary; and Emily Cook, Treasurer.

Recent inductees include sophomores Michael Blatchley, Kevin Blum, Aaditya Chandramouli, Kevin Costalunga, Daniel Duffy, Alexandra Guerra, Jarrod Hunnicutt, Dakota Schmitt, Richard Thomas, Calvin Yu, Erica Zanath and Johnny Zhang. Juniors include David Baer, Morgan Grisham, Vincent Nierste, Christian Rivera, Nicole Samuelson, Jacqueline Tyler, and Ellen Wittenberg.

Congratulations to these outstanding scholars!