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Jin Shi Research Grand Prize Winner at Biological Engineering Annual Meeting

Jin Shi, biomedical engineering graduate student
Jin Shi, biomedical engineering graduate student, captures highest research prize at Biological Engineering National Conference
Purdue University graduate research was extremely well represented at the Institute for Biological Engineering's Annual Meeting, held in March in Atlanta, GA.

Matt Stensberg, an ABE/ESE graduate student, was awarded 3rd place on his work on silver nanotoxicity in Daphnia.

Jonathan Claussen, also an ABE graduate student, was awarded 2nd place for his work on modeling/engineering nanomaterial platforms for biosensing.

The Grand Prize was awarded to BME graduate student Jin Shi for his work on developing glucose micro/nanobiosensors and their application in studying pancreatic beta cells and diabetes.

All three students are working with Marshall Porterfield, Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Agricultural and Biological Engineering. Dr. Porterfield is also co-director of the Birck-Bindley Physiological Sensing facility.