Quanta 650 FESEM (ARMS B218)

Equipment Information


Operational Under Maintenance Down


  • Up to and exceeding 1,000,000x magnification

  • 200V to 30kV continuous

  • Up to 1.2-nm resolution (30kV, High vacuum)

  • Three SE detectors (ETD, LF-GSED, GSED)

  • Variable pressure chamber: High, Low, and ESEM vacuum modes (<6e-4 Pa to 4000 Pa)

  • Motorized 150-mm X- and Y-stage, 65-mm Z-stage, -5 to 60° tilt

External Detectors

  • EDAX EBSD with up to 1400 indexed points per second

  • EDAX SDD EDS with resolution stability ≥ 90% up to 200,000 cps


Rates and Fees*

  • Machine Rate: $25/hour
  • Staff Rate: $50/hour
  • Training Fee: $150 (MSE581)

     * Rates listed apply to Purdue University users only

Department Contacts

  • Faculty P.O.C.:   n/a
  • Staff P.O.C.:  Jameson Root
  • Graduate Superuser:  n/a


Safety Information

  • There are no specific hazards associated with this machine


Training and Lab Requirements

User Requirements

  • Valid iLab account
  • Subscription to the equipment listserv (mailing list) is required before iLab access will be granted
  • MSE581 3-week training course is required

Specimen and Equipment Requirements

  • All specimens must be clean and dry
  • Thin specimens must be mounted on the provided extended-height specimen holders


Request Training

  • Request training through iLab