Phenom Desktop SEM (ARMS 2093)

Equipment Information


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  • BSE imaging up to 100,000x (publication quality images up to 10,000x)
  • Topographic BSE imaging
  • Optical imaging up to 120x
  • EDS quantitative point and area scans
  • EDS qualitative area mapping
  • Specimen holders to accommodate conducting and insulating specimens (coating may or may not be required)

Rates and Fees*

  • Machine Rate: $23/hour
  • Staff Rate: $50/hour
  • Training Fee: $73 (one-time)

     * Rates listed apply to Purdue University users only

Department Contacts

  • Faculty P.O.C.:   n/a
  • Staff P.O.C.:  Jameson Root
  • Graduate Superuser:  n/a


Safety Information

  • There are no specific hazards associated with this machine


Training and Lab Requirements

User Requirements

  • Valid iLab account
  • Subscription to the equipment listserv (mailing list) is required before access will be granted
  • Training by department lab staff/superuser

Specimen and Equipment Requirements

  • Maximum sample size is 25mm (1 inch) in diameter and 30mm in height
  • All specimens must be clean and dry
  • Magnetic specimens can damage the SEM if improperly mounted and must be firmly secured
  • Particulate specimens must be completely secured to an SEM stub (all loose material should be removed with compressed air); particulate magnetic specimens (iron, nickel, and cobalt, e.g.) severely damage the SEM if improperly mounted are PROHIBITED


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