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David Johnson

David Johnson

Associate Professor of Materials Engineering

Contact Information

Phone: +1 765 49-47009
School of Materials Engineering
Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering
701 West Stadium Avenue
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2045


  • B.S., Engineering Science & Mechanics, 1987, Univ. of Tennessee
  • M.S.E., Metallurgical Engineering, 1990, Univ. of Tennessee
  • Ph.D., Metallurgical Engineering, 1994, Univ. of Tennessee.

Research Interests

Research Interest Solidification Processing, Single Crystal Growth, High Temperature Alloys Google Scholar Citations

David Johnson Research Interests

Selected Publications

  • Aisling Coughlan, David Johnson, Heidi A. Diefes-Dux, K. Anna Douglas, Kendra Erk, Tanya A. Faltens, and Alejandro Strachan “Enhanced Learning of Mechanical Behavior of Materials via Combined Experiments and nanoHUB Simulations: Learning Modules for Sophomore MSE Students ,” Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. (2015).
  • M Heiden A Kustas, K Chaput, E Nauman, D Johnson, L Stanciu, “Effect of microstructure and strain on the degradation behavior of novel bioresorbable iron–manganese alloy implants,” Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A, 103 (2015) 738-745.

  • S Zhang, DR Johnson, MJM Krane, “Influence of riser design on macrosegregation in static castings, International Journal of Cast Metals Research, 28(1) (2015) 28-38.

  • M Heiden, D Johnson, L Stanciu, “Surface modifications through dealloying of Fe-Mn and Fe-Mn-Zn alloys developed to create tailorable, nanoporous, bioresorbable surfaces,“Acta Materialia, 103 (2016) 115-127.

  • DR Johnson, C McCleary, MJM Krane, KP Trumble, “Measuring Thermomechanical Properties of AA7050 Near the Solidus Temperature,“ International Journal of Metalcasting, (2016) 1-10.


  • MSE 230 Structure and Properties of Materials
  • MSE 235 Materials Properties Laboratory
  • MSE 430-440 Materials Processing and Design I and II
  • MSE 367 Materials Processing Laboratory
  • MSE 382 Mechanical Response of Materials
  • MSE 536 Solidification Processing
  • MSE 555 Deformation Mechanisms in Crystalline Solids
  • MSE 556 Fracture of Materials

Graduate Students

Research Title: Modeling of homogenization heat treatment of aluminum alloys