Professor Matthew Krane's Former Graduate Students

Master of Science:

Chris Seager - December 1999 (co-advised by Prof. K. Kokini)
Thesis: "Influence of CuAlO2 on Strength of Eutectically Bonded Copper/Alumina Interfaces" 
Employer after Purdue: U.S. Air Force
Marc Yap - December 1999
Thesis: "Design and Processing of Spinal Implants Using Powder Metallurgy."
Employer after Purdue: GE Medical Systems Division
Shawn Cefalu - December 2001
Thesis: "Predictions and Measurements of Microsegregation in Ni-Cr-Mo Alloys"
Employer after Purdue:  Metaltek, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI)
Rui Shao - August 2003 (co-advised by Prof. K. Trumble).
Thesis: "Infiltration and Directional Solidification of Superalloy-Ceramic Composites"
Enrolled in Ph.D. program, School of Materials Engineering, Purdue.
Thomas Y. M. Morillon - December 2004
Thesis: “Predictions of Secondary Phase Dissolution During Heat Treatment of a Ni-Cr-Mo Alloy”
Employer after Purdue: Cezus Research Center (Ugine, France)
Stephanie Janicek - August 2005
Thesis: “Effects of Composition and Fluid Flow on Solidification Grain Growth”
Employer after Purdue: Rolls- Royce (Indianapolis, IN)
Kent VanEvery - December 2005
Thesis: “Modeling Macrosegregation During the Vacuum Arc Remelting of a Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al Alloy”
Enrolled in Ph.D. program, School of Materials Engineering, Purdue
Jeremy Hahn - (School of Mechanical Engineering) - August 2006  (co-advised by Prof. Y. Shin)
Thesis: “Laser transformation heating and laser nitriding of Ti-6Al-4V”
Employer after Purdue: Boeing (Seattle, WA)
Ritesh Lakhkar - (School of Mechanical Engineering) - December 2006  (co-advised by Prof. Y. Shin)
Thesis: “Multi-track laser hardening of AISI 4140 steel"
Employer after Purdue: Corning, Inc. (Corning, NY)
Derek Sanderson - May 2009 (co-advised by Prof. B. Pipes)
Thesis: " Modeling Inflation and Growth in Polyimide Foam Processing"
Employer after Purdue: Exxon Mobil (Houston, TX)
Sailei Zhang - December 2009 (co-advised by Prof. D. Johnson)
Thesis:  "Modeling Solidification Microstructure Development in a TiAl Alloy"
Enrolled in Ph.D. program, School of Materials Engineering, Purdue
Jonathan Busch - December 2012
Thesis:  " Flux Entrapment and Titanium Nitride Defects During Electroslag Remelting"
Employer after Purdue:  Teach for America (Chicago, IL)
Kyle Fezi - May 2013
Thesis:  "Segregation Studies in Electroslag Remelting of Ni Superalloys "
Enrolled in Ph.D. program, School of Materials Engineering, Purdue.
John Coleman- December 2015
Thesis: "The Effect of Liquid Metal Distribution on the Flow Field and Mecrosegregation During Direct Chill Casting"
Enrolled in PhD program, School of Materials Engineering, Purdue.
Jiahing Fuo - (School of Materials Engineering) - December 2016 (co-advised by Prof. A. Marconnet)
Thesis: " Uncertainty Quantifiaton in Modeling Die Casting Heat Transfer"

Doctor of Philosophy:

Igor Vusanovic - (University of Montenegro, Podgorica) - March 2002
Dissertation: "Analysis of Phase Change Phenomena in Multicomponent Systems with Aspects of Technical Applications" (in Serbo-Croatian).
Employer after Graduation: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Montenegro, (Podgorica, Montenegro).

Srinivasan Raghavan - May 2005 (co-advised by Prof. D Johnson)
Dissertation: “A Numerical Model For Dendritic Growth In Binary Alloys”
Employer after Purdue: Tata Research Development & Design Center (Pune, India)

Dmytro Zagrebelnyy - May 2007
Dissertation: “Modeling macrosegregation during the vacuum arc remelting of Ti-10V-2Fe-3Al alloy”
Employer after Purdue: Republic Special Metals (Canton, OH)

Rui Shao - December 2007 (co-advised by Prof. K. Trumble)
Dissertation:  "Numerical and Experimental Study of Constrained Solidification"
Employer after Purdue:  Diamond Innovations (Columbus, OH)
Kent VanEvery - May 2009 (co-advised by Prof. R. Trice)
Dissertation:  "Development and Evaluation of Suspension Plasma Sprayed Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Coatings as Thermal Barriers"
Employer after Purdue:  Sandia National Lab (Albuquerque, NM)
Jeff Yanke - May 2013 (co-advised by Prof. R. Trice)
Dissertation: “Numerical Modeling of Materials Processes with Fluid-Fluid Interfaces”
Employer after Purdue: Carpenter Technology Corporation (Reading, PA)
Sailei Zhang - May 2013 (co-advised by Prof. D. Johnson)
Dissertation: “Macrosegregation and Shrinkage Pipe Formation in Static Castings”
Employer after Purdue: Special Metals Corporation (Huntington, WV)
Kyle Fezi - August 2016
Dissertation: "Modeling Transport Phenomena and Uncertainty Quantification in Solidifcation Processes"
Employer after Purdue: Fort Wayne Metals (Columbia City, IN)
Alexander Plotkowski - August 2016
Dissertation: "Modeling Fluid Interactions with a Rigid Mushy Zone in Alloy Solidification"
Employer after Purdue: Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Oak Ridge,TN)
Pikee Priya - December 2016 (co-advised by Prof. D. Johnson)
Dissertation: " Microstructural Evolution During the Homogenization Heat Treatment of 6XXX and 7XXX Alumunum Alloys"
Employer after Purdue: University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)
Yunbo Wang - May 2017 (co-advised by Prof. K. Trumble)
Dissertation: "Modeling and Experiements in Thermomechanics in Direct Chill Casting"
Employer after Purdue: Caterpillar (Peoria, IL)