Lia Stanciu

Research Interest

Dr. Stanciu’s interests are in the areas of chemical and biological sensing, gas sensing, large scale sensor nanomanufacturing, chemical synthesis of biologically inspired materials, understanding of biointerfaces, and battery ceramics. Food and environmental safety, agriculture and defense are some of the areas of application of her group’s work.

Recent Publications (2017-2019)


Aptamer-based SERS biosensor for whole cell analytical detection of E. coli O157: H7
S Díaz-Amaya, LK Lin, AJ Deering, LA Stanciu
Analytica chimica acta (2019)

Bio-Nanopatterning: Inkjet Printed Nanopatterned Aptamer-Based Sensors for Improved Optical Detection of Foodborne Pathogens (Small 24/2019)
S Díaz-Amaya, M Zhao, LK Lin, C Ostos, JP Allebach, GTC Chiu, ...
Small (2019) 15 (24), 1970128

Investigation of porosity on mechanical properties, degradation and in-vitro cytotoxicity limit of Fe30Mn using space holder technique
SM Huang, EA Nauman, LA Stanciu
Materials Science and Engineering: C (2019) 99, 1048-1057

Tuning a Bisphenol A Lateral Flow Assay Using Multiple Gold Nanosystems
LK Lin, PY Huang, S Dutta, JC Rochet, LA Stanciu
Particle & Particle Systems Characterization (2019), 1900133

Inkjet printed electrochemical aptasensors for detection of Hg2+ in organic solvents
LAS Susana Diaz-Amaya, Li-kai Lin, Renee E. DiNino, Carlos Ostos
Electrochimica Acta (2019)


Microfluidic Rapid and Autonomous Analytical Device (microRAAD) to Detect HIV from Whole Blood Samples
EA Phillips, TJ Moehling, KFK Ejendal, OS Hoilett, KM Byers, LA Basing, ...
bioRxiv, 582999

Hybrid plasmonic Au–TiN vertically aligned nanocomposites: a nanoscale platform towards tunable optical sensing
X Wang, J Jian, S Diaz-Amaya, CE Kumah, P Lu, J Huang, DG Lim, ...
Nanoscale Advances (2019) 1 (3), 1045-1054


Bisphenol A detection using gold nanostars in a SERS improved lateral flow immunochromatographic assay
LK Lin, LA Stanciu
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical (2018) 276, 222-229

Inkjet Printing platforms for DNA-based pathogen detection
M Zhao, S Diaz Amaya, S Jin, LK Lin, AJ Deering, L Stanciu, GTC Chiu, ...
NIP & Digital Fabrication Conference 2018 (1), 107-112

Aminolated and Thiolated PEG-Covered Gold Nanoparticles with High Stability and Antiaggregation for Lateral Flow Detection of Bisphenol A
LK Lin, A Uzunoglu, LA Stanciu
Small (2018)14 (10), 1702828

In vivo evaluation of biodegradability and biocompatibility of Fe30Mn alloy
M Traverson, M Heiden, LA Stanciu, EA Nauman, Y Jones-Hall, GJ Breur
Veterinary and Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology (2018) 31 (01), 010-016


Improving bioactivity of inert bioceramics by a novel Mg-incorporated solution treatment
M Dehestani, D Zemlyanov, E Adolfsson, LA Stanciu
Applied Surface Science (2017) 425, 564-575

Gold decorated polystyrene particles for lateral flow immunodetection of Escherichia coli O157: H7
SA Jin, Y Heo, LK Lin, AJ Deering, GTC Chiu, JP Allebach, LA Stanciu
Microchimica Acta (2018) 184 (12), 4879-4886

Effects of microstructure and heat treatment on mechanical properties and corrosion behavior of powder metallurgy derived Fe–30Mn alloy
M Dehestani, K Trumble, H Wang, H Wang, LA Stanciu
Materials Science and Engineering: A (2017)703, 214-226

Microarc oxidation discharge types and bio properties of the coating synthesized on zirconium
S Cengiz, Y Azakli, M Tarakci, L Stanciu, Y Gencer
Materials Science and Engineering: C (2017) 77, 374-383

Bioresorbable Fe–Mn and Fe–Mn–HA Materials for Orthopedic Implantation: Enhancing Degradation through Porosity Control
M Heiden, E Nauman, L Stanciu
Advanced healthcare materials (2017) 6 (13), 1700120

Graphene-Titanium Dioxide Nanocomposite based hypoxanthine sensor for assessment of meat freshness
JAV Albelda, A. Uzunoglu, GNC Santos, L.A. Stanciu
Biosensors and Bioelectronics (2017) 89, 518-524