MSE Postdoc, Dr. Anupma Thakur, is the 2024 Postdoc Mentor Award Winner!

The 2024 Postdoc Mentor Award selection process included a peer review panel of 24 postdocs who rated up to 7 mentoring statements from nominees in a college different from their own. Statements were rated on 6 categories of mentoring ideals, including individual student impact, organizational/cultural impact, mentoring advice to postdocs, mentoring ideas, mentoring commitment, and communication of mentoring practices and ideals. Reviewers then ranked their 7 nominees on 3 categories: Best Mentoring Statement, Strongest Testimonial, and Most Deserving of the Award. Out of 38 nominees for this award, Dr. Thakur placed “top” in 4 of the 9 scoring categories, including best mentoring statement, strongest testimonial support for the mentoring statement, and most impact on organizational culture. Dr. Anupma Thakur is a part of the Anasori Lab. Congratulations again to Dr. Anupma Thakur on this outstanding award!