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Approved by MSE Faculty, April 2011

MSE Upper-Division Component of the College of Engineering Honors Program

Criteria for a student to earn a “BS-MSE with Honors”

The overall academic criteria for the School of Materials Engineering (MSE) Upper-Division Component of the College of Engineering Honors Program (CoEHP) are described below. These requirements are consistent with EFD 07-09.

Academic Requirements:

  1. Eligibility – entry into the MSE Upper-Division Component of the CoEHP is based on minimum overall GPA of 3.7 (or the CoEHP required GPA if it is more restrictive) as well as the ability to complete programmatic requirements by graduation. Students eligible for the program are typically notified by the Engineering Honors Program.
  2. Honors Completion – To complete the College of Engineering Honors Program and earn a “BS-MSE degree with Honors,” participants must have
    1. completed the course requirements for a bachelor of science in MSE; and
    2. earned a minimum of 24 honors points, 12 of which are specific to MSE, with the remaining points accumulated from non-MSE honors courses; and
    3. possess an overall GPA of 3.7 (or the CoEHP required GPA if it is more restrictive) at the time of graduation; and
    4. completed a significant research or design experience that resulted in a public scholarly activity such as an oral or poster presentation. Note that MSE 430 or MSE 440 cannot count towards meeting this requirement.
    5. Also, students must participate in the required sophomore and junior CoEHP Honors Seminar, in addition to any required MSE seminar courses.
  3. MSE Specific Honors Points – students must earn a minimum of 12 honors points from MSE approved research/design experiences and coursework. These include:
    1. 3 to 6 credit hours (negotiated with the research advisor) of MSE 499 Undergraduate Research. Students must complete a significant research experience. Following completion of the entire project, their results should be presented as part of a public scholarly activity.
    2. Up to 9 credit hours of any 500-level MSE course. Such courses may be used to satisfy BS-MSE degree requirements or reserved for possible graduate credit.

Supplementary Information:

  1. Participants must maintain a minimum overall GPA of 3.7 (or the CoEHP eligibility GPA if it is more restrictive) to be in good standing. Students falling below the required eligibility GPA will be placed on Honors probation. Students on Honors probation will have one semester (excluding summer sessions) to re-establish their eligibility. Failure to re-establish eligibility will result in the forfeiture of all rights and privileges afforded CoEHP participants. Rights and privileges may be reinstated once eligibility is reestablished.
  2. The MSE Undergraduate Committee will bring proposed modifications to the MSE honors program, including the minimum GPA criterion, to the MSE faculty for a vote.
  3. The effective date of this document is Fall 2011. Students involved in and satisfying MSE Honors requirements prior to this document will be allowed to complete said program using their previously established criteria.