Combining Undergraduate and Graduate Studies

Undergraduates who intend to continue their studies in the Graduate School at Purdue may wish to begin their graduate coursework in their senior year, while they are still completing their undergraduate requirements. Getting an early start on the graduate program often leads to greater choice of graduate courses, and earlier completion of the graduate degree.

However, the acceptance of the student by the program into early graduate admission is dependent on successful application to the program and finding a graduate advisor, and is also conditioned on eventual successful completion of the undergraduate degree.  Students interested in this option should discuss it with the Chair of the Graduate Committee.  Early admission to the Graduate School may not be required for undergraduate students wishing to begin graduate study early, unless they are to receive a graduate staff appointment. They may simply request the designation of graduate courses as excess to their baccalaureate requirements, on Registrars Form 350.

Students who are to be employed as Research Assistants or a Teaching Assistant while still completing the baccalaureate must, however, be admitted to the Graduate School, because these appointments are restricted to students who are enrolled in the Graduate School. Admission to the Graduate School may be granted in the session in which the baccalaureate degree is being completed, with the permission of the School of Materials Engineering and the Dean of the Graduate School. The usual graduate application and supporting materials are required,, but must be accompanied by a memorandum from the Head of the School setting forth and justifying the request for early admission.