Turner Laboratory for Electroceramics

The focus of research in the Turner Laboratory for Electroceramics is on electronic ceramics and the activities range from efforts to fabricate technologically important electronic products to attempts to understand the fundamentals of materials behavior. Examples of such products are ferroelectric thin films for memory applications; bulk ferroelectric ceramics for sensor and ultrasound applications; and hydrothermally grown perovskite films for dielectric applications.

Recently completed studies included optimizing the firing processes to promote preferential growth in films and bulk oxides; studying microstructures and composition control in conjunction with properties. The current research activities include characterizing electromechical properties of ceramics and thin films;  and studying mechanisms responsible for charge losses in ferroelectrics known as fatigue.

The Turner Laboratory is equipped to facilitate research in the above areas and in electroceramics research, in general. Some of its facilities include a thermal analysis facility with a temperature vs. capacitance setup, a ferroelectric testing station, a RF/DC sputtering unit, a evaporation chamber,  the capability to perform a.c. and d.c. electrical measurements, and a variety conventional furnaces.

 The Beckman Particle analyzer is available for use through collaboration with MSE Faculty.